Making life convenient for the local shopper isn’t always, well... convenient for store managers and business owners. It’s hard work and there’s lots of competition out there, but applying effort and simple strategy changes can mean solid success in this growing industry. So, what advice can our experienced exhibitors give to today’s convenience store looking to maximise growth, refresh sales and become a cut above the rest? Here’s a pick-and-mix of their handy tips, conveniently packaged in a top-8 list.

1. Pay Heed to Health

“Retailers have to make brave choices and open up more space to ‘better-for-you’ brands moving forwards, as they are a significant growth drive,” say Red Star brands. “Once meaning ‘diet’ with a real focus on calories, health has now evolved to mean ‘healthful’ – more about the fuel going into your body than the absence of ingredients being left out. The post-millennial is as familiar with the back of the packet as they are with the front; they know what to look for and what to avoid, typically referring to calories, sugar and artificial ingredients. They fuel their bodies with brands that have functional and tangible benefits to their wellbeing.”


2. Display Diligence

“Retailers need to block the ‘better-for-you’ brands together and make it easy for shoppers to find the healthier choices,” say Red Star.

While Instore suggest making use of display advice tools “Solutions can come by taking advantage of member initiatives like ‘what’s in store’ a web-based app which encourages store managers to optimize displays – maximising profit opportunity and ensuring consumer brands are attractively presented to customers.”


3. Maximise Your Space

There’s more to the floor than meets the eye say Instore: “The best use of space should be maximised and it’s worth calculating and understanding your profitability by square metre in your store – make the most of what you have.”


4. Quality Counts

“Choosing quality over cheaper products means more sales and the extra profit far outweighs the extra cost,” say SnowShock. “Serve your customers products they will buy and buy again.”


5. Customer Courtesy

Make sure you have the right products for customers. “End every customer transaction with, ‘did you buy what you were looking for today?’” say Instore. “Personable approaches will always encourage in-store loyalty.”  


6. Be System Savvy

Offering customers a fast way to ‘pay and go’ is important say Electromech ECS. “Rising staffing costs are forcing retailers to adopt technologies that automate workload, increase efficiency and boost margins,” agree Point Four, “Retailers can no longer ignore the need for connected EPoS that integrates and manages a host of profitable in-store and online services, developed through strategic partnerships with industry leaders.”


7. Value Variety

“Convenience stores should offer a variety of products, say SnowShock Slush. “Keep up to date on new products and stand out from the crowd. Something different can draw in customers and keep them coming back. The greater variety of products increases the chance the customer will see something they want and spend more than intended. Keep stock of your customers’ favourite products to ensure they don’t buy elsewhere.”


8. Refresh Your Look

“If you're looking to freshen up the appearance of your store without an expensive refit, look closely at the interior,” say VKF Renzel. “Simple low-cost actions such as replacing your ticket strips and shelf talkers, plus the installation of shelf dividers can cost you pennies but add pounds to your sales. Have you also thought about colour coding, or adding colour to your store? Poster frames, shelf edge strips and even shopping baskets can all be supplied in various colours, making your store a bright and attractive place where customers will stay longer and spend more.”

It just goes to show that small changes can mean a big difference to sales. Why not come and pick the brains of our exhibitors at the National Convenience Show this year and find even more ideas for making the most of your store’s potential. You can find our blog contributors at the following locations:

VKF Renzel
Stand P39


Red Star Brands
Stand H20


SnowShock Slush
Stand J30

Stand N10 


Point Four EPoS Solutions
Stand H51


Stand B39