With more and more customers scrutinising nutritional information labels, especially sugar and salt levels, is it possible for a quick and convenient snack or drink to provide peace of mind to the health-conscious consumer? How do our National Convenience Show exhibitors find the sweet spot between convenience and healthy eating?

Healthy eating (and drinking) used to be very inconvenient, either due to outlets not stocking fresh fruit/ingredients or the cost implications. Savsé have helped lead the revolution in convenient, affordable health that is both easy to get hold of but also a delight to your taste buds. As we increase our distribution points through high street cafes, supermarkets and convenience stores, consumers can always be within easy reach of the non-pasteurised, delicious goodness that all the Savsé range proudly offers. We’re made different and accept no compromise.
Savsé Smoothies. Stand R86.

Convenience is the ability to easily consume the healthy products that are appropriate for your needs at the time. So, in the case of Zoot Foods, our Boost range of conveniently sized and packaged health bars provides an ideal energy boost for those carrying out high adrenaline and healthy sports. Our Zero range meanwhile, is ideal for those looking to avoid added sugar in their convenience foods as part of a healthy diet, and for those living a Vegetarian or Vegan lifestyle, and our Natural range ticks all the right convenience boxes. You can taste the entire range on Stand Q68.
Zoot Snack Bars. Stand Q68.

We believe convenience can certainly be balanced with healthy eating, our premium coffee solutions can aid this with their built-in media screens. Using the screens, sites can advertise cross promotions, linking healthier snacks with coffee. This practice is becoming more common, as it seems that sites are turning away from the usual breakfast rolls to healthier alternatives to pair with coffee. Our Lavazza Eleganza also allows users to see the nutritional information on screen, allowing them to establish which the healthier drinks are and how much sugar is in them etc. With consumers making healthier and more balanced decisions, this is a useful feature for convenience customers. Additionally, as the nutritional information can be seen with a touch of a button, and hot drinks only take on average 40 seconds to dispense, convenience and healthier choices can balance together. Buying behaviour has also changed recently to ‘little and often’, which is perfect for convenience as shoppers will go to stores with the mission to get something for now, rather than a big shop. This allows convenience stores the chance to introduce healthier snack ranges which consumers are increasingly seeking.
Expresso Plus. Stand N70.

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