They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but food is a whole different matter. Packaging is everything when trying to attract the fleeting eye and the grabbing hand of the customer on the go. We spoke to National Convenience Show exhibitors about the importance of getting packaging right and about their own experiences and expertise.

Here’s what they had to say:


Our packaging design always aims to reflect the Bobby’s brand – quirky, fun, tasty and amazing value. The fun characters on our sweets capture the imagination of children, our snack packs each have a unique personality whilst our cakes signify family value. Each pack is price-marked to ensure consumers’ confidence in the value of our products.
Bobby's Foods. Stand P99.


Packaging is a crucially important element of our products. Each of our ranges of healthy snack bars (Zero, Natural, Boost and Froot) share the same master brand packaging and colours because they all share the same ethos of healthy, convenient snacks that complement a healthy lifestyle. Each range, however, is designed for a different consumer, and has a distinct logo and design to the packaging. Our Boost range of conveniently sized and packaged health bars provides an ideal energy boost for those carrying out high adrenaline and healthy sports. Our Zero range meanwhile, is ideal for those looking to avoid added sugar in their convenience foods as part of a healthy diet, and for those living a Vegetarian or Vegan lifestyle, our Natural range ticks all the right convenience boxes.
Zoot Snack Bars. Stand Q68.


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