him! is a research and consulting agency specialising in convenience shopping. Matt Smith is the Research Insight Manager at him! and will be speaking about how Food-to-Go can help you grow… But before he picks up the mic, Matt and his team at him! have put together some clever preview insights surrounding the hot topics of food-to-go and how little-and-often shopping is overtaking the ‘big shop’. See what they have to say before popping along to the session itself.

Matt Smith



“Food-to-go is the mission of the millennials and all too often we see stores try to replicate an outdated formula which, although still has broad appeal, does little to differentiate. Shoppers don’t choose where to buy their lunch, breakfast, coffee or snack by fascia or format: they choose by quality of offer. Those who win footfall in this growing area will be those who can deliver against the requirements of these most demanding shoppers, offering quality brands, ease of shopping experience and exceptional value.”


Understanding Customers

“On its current trajectory, we expect to see a decline in the number of shoppers doing a main shop in supermarkets on a weekly basis to only 40% by 2020. In order to capitalise on the little and often shopping that is replacing main weekly trips, convenience stores need a core range of top-up necessities and meal solutions for the need-it-now Generation Z, time-poor families and less-able older shoppers who are either unable or unwilling to access larger stores. Thinking in terms of solutions, rather than individual products, is recommended. Some 27% don’t think they could get the ingredients to make a curry from their local c-store, and half doubted being able to source everything for a roast… Retailers must work harder than ever to differentiate from the competition.”

Matt will be joined by host, David Rees (Editor of C-Store Magazine), Paul Stone (Spar Retailer, Manchester) and Avtar Sidhu (Simply Fresh Owner) on Monday 24th April at the Retailer Hub at 1pm.

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