New Covent Garden Soup Server

Hold the picnic! Now customers can enjoy a hot cup of real soup straight from your store. Not only will they be able to choose from your usual range of sandwiches and chilled snacks but an easy and warming option can now be made available thanks to the New Covent Garden Soup Server.

This is no kettle-behind-the-counter, powdered-soup solution but fresh from the pot, just as you would make at home.

New Covent Garden Soup Server

We caught up with R.H. Hall, the company behind the new innovation that is being rolled out across the UK and asked a few questions.


How long has the soup server been available?

The New Covent Garden Soup Server is currently in trial stages with some major national brands, while we prepare the product for full UK roll-out.


Who came up with the idea?

The Soup Server has a proven track record in Europe and was designed and produced in Holland. R H Hall have been developing the product for the UK market, working with Head of Food Solutions Chris O’Neill. Hain Daniels, the name behind the New Covent Garden Soup brand, signed up for exclusivity on the product before soup production and testing began.


How does it work and is it easy to use?

o Easy-to-use through state of the art touch screen technology
o Access through QR code operated system unique to each soup variety, nutritional content, allergens and portion size
o Short warm up cycle and automated temperature control
o Ability to change portion size and price at a touch of a button
o High dispensing speed 50ml/second
o Holds up to 12 litres of soup for up to 12 hours that’s 40 300ml portions
o Machine can be topped up at anytime
o System can be controlled remotely or on your premises


Do you provide disposable cups and cutlery with it?

Yes – eco friendly, completely compostable, branded cups and lids are available to purchase.


Do retailers order the soup from you too? If so can you give an idea of the mark-up?

Soup can be ordered from Hain Daniels directly, or R H Hall. The full pricing package is still being finalised.


Presumably you choose the soup of the day?

5 varieties of soup are currently available, with more to be developed. The soup server holds one flavour at a time.

Does it serve smooth and chunky soup?

Yes! A variety of smooth and chunky soups are available.


How easily/quickly can it be refilled?

More soup can be added quickly and easily at any time during the 12-hour cycle.


How easily/quickly can it be cleaned and ready for a fresh flavour?

The soup server is self cleaning – should a change in flavour be required, the cleaning cycle takes around 20 minutes.


Does it require installation and what about table space?

Installation is required for water and waste fittings, although manual options are available.

The unit is countertop, but base units are also available for freestanding use.


What sort of feedback have you had so far?

Based on current trials within many blue-chip companies, we have had fantastic feedback and strong results to date.

The automation, ease of use, profit potential and soup quality have all been praised.

You are up for a Great New Idea Award – Can you tell us what makes your product a strong contender?

This product is hugely unique, offers massive profit potential, promotes healthy eating and reduces waste.

Visit R.H. Hall Food Service Solutions and their New Covent Garden Soup Server at Stand U119.


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